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You are the champion of good. We are the champion of you.

Capacity Builidng

NIGP Applications Open

Propel is accepting applications for the Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program (NIGP).?The?NIGP is aimed at supporting the missions of small, culturally led organizations by strengthening their infrastructure. Increasing the capacity of small organizations that work with historically underserved cultural communities helps position these organizations for greater impact in their community. The NIGP?will provide grants, as well as ongoing support to grow the organizational capacity of small Minnesota nonprofits.

Learn more & apply

How Can We Help You?

Propel Nonprofits' programs and services provide a holistic approach to meet your most pressing needs, including the ability to more closely link strategy, governance, and finance.

Our Trainings

Propel Nonprofits trainings provide you with the competence, confidence, and capability you need to accurately manage your organization’s finances, develop your board’s expertise, and develop plans for today and the future.

Our Resources

Having access to a comprehensive set of tools to strengthen a nonprofit’s financial management, board governance, and strategic planning is essential to success. Propel Nonprofits’ free online resource library helps your nonprofit develop and implement effective practices.

Case Study

Urban Bird Collective

"I knew Propel had the support we needed when it was time for us to grow,” Bryand said. “This organization isn’t about me; it is about our leaders, and I want us to have the skills and tools we need to grow."

Monica Bryand, founder of Urban Bird Collective

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